MSF: Europe, don’t turn your back on Asylum: #TakePeopleIn – Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Open letter to the leaders of EU Member States and institutions
– by Dr. Joanne Liu, International President, Médecins Sans Frontières

13 May 2016

We write this letter to you today to share our profound concern that by signing the EU-Turkey agreement you have turned your back on thousands of people fleeing war, oppression, and despair.

The “EU-Turkey deal” effectively outsources caring for these people to Turkey in exchange for, amongst other things, a multi-billion euro financial aid package. In an era of the greatest displacement of humanity in decades, this is a historic abdication of your moral and legal responsibilities.…

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The Kiskunhalas Hunger Strike is Over

لقد اوقفنا الاضراب نظرا لتهديدات من السلطات الهنغارية قالو لنا اذا ما اكلتم ستزيد مدة سجنكم
“We have stopped the strike because of the threats from the Hungarian authorities

told us that if they ate will increase the duration of your prison”

The Hunger Strike is over. Above is the message W2Hu received from sources communicating to the men inside Kiskunhalas Hungary ‘closed camp’ prison for asylum seekers.


It is a miracle that we know about the hunger strike, at all. Little info reaches the public from the inside where asylum seekers can be held for up to 6 months at a time.…

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Refugees’ Hunger Strike in Kiskunhalas Detention Camp?

Today W2Hu received information that there was (and perhaps still is) a Hunger Strike by asylum seekers in the Hungarian Detention Camp of Kiskunhalas.

Information is hard to come by now but we now have multiple sources reporting this event.

After September 2015 when the Hungarian Fence was erected the detention ‘closed camps’ have filled up while the open camps have either closed or generally have less people in them.

W2Hu opposes detention of all migrants in Hungary and Europe.  And requesting asylum is not a crime.
The UNHCR, speaking about new detention camps in Lesbos Greece, said this week:

“…in line with UNHCR policy of opposing mandatory detention,
we have suspended some of our activities at all closed centers on the island.”
– UNHCR says won’t work in Greek ‘detention centers’ in swipe at EU-Turkey deal

Detention has been a cruel feature of Hungarian refugee policy since 2010.…

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How not to talk about Muslims after a Fringe Terrorist Group attacks

By Juan Cole (Original blog post here: Informed Comment)

1. Stop calling Daesh “the Islamic State.” They are manipulating you. They aren’t a state and they aren’t Islamic. If some fringe cult took over some villages in Mexico and called itself “The Vatican,” then committed terrorism, would journalists blithely say on air “Today, the Vatican killed 39 and injured 200 with a bomb belt”? People in the Middle East hate this small desert fringe, and they term it “Daesh,” not “Islamic.” They should know.


2. Call the terrorists “Muslim” if you have to characterize them, not “Islamic” or even worse, “Islamics.” There is no such thing as “Islamic” terrorism.…

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The ‘Balkan Route’ is closed, or is it?

cartoon Tjeerd Royaards
cartoon: Tjeerd Royaards

The EU and Turkey have made a deal to stop people from requesting asylum in Europe – it is a shameful and dirty deal for those who believe that European values include human rights. It also happens to be illegal and will not stop people from seeking safety in Europe.

In the day after the EU-Turkey summit of 7 March 2016 Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Macedonia closed its borders to refugees and since then required visas to cross their southern borders.

Additionally, plans from the EU-Turkey summit announced future mass deportations of refugees back to Turkey from both EU states and the Greek islands where thousands are currently are trapped.…

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Is Turkey really a ‘safe country’?


On Friday 4 February, Turkey’s President Erdogan shut down the opposition newspaper Zaman with a police raid its offices.  Turkey is a NATO member, potential EU member and a political ally of Hungary.  Erdogan will be visiting Hungary in May 2016.


Most of the refugees and asylum seekers who have come through Hungary or are living here today were in Turkey before.  Germany is currently paying the Erdogan government 3 billion Euro to prevent refugees from coming to Europe – so far with only moderate success.


But as you can see from this video, Erdogan must feel emboldened by his new found political and financial support from the European Union and today he openly and violently attacks his democratic opposition.…

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Sweden Courts Stop Dublin III Deportations to Hungary, Great News!

THIS IS BIG NEWS!! – W2Hu hopes this will be a new trend for other EU countries to follow and also not Dublin-deport asylum seekers back to Hungary.  W2Hu is against all forced deportations (including to Hungary and from Hungary) and against the EU’s Dublin III system.  W2Hu is very happy about this news.

Press Release
Swedish Migration Court stops the transfers to Hungary*
[2016-03-02] Administrative Court in Stockholm
Migration Court today in two cases stopped the transfers of asylum seekers from Sweden to the EU Member State Hungary for persons who have entered Hungary via Serbia. This is because these people would otherwise risk being subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights.…

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European-wide protests call for safe passage and human rights for refugees coming to Europe – #SafePassageNow

Felvonulás a menekültek jogaiért
– Debrecen, Magyarország / Hungary 2016.02.27

20+ people in Debrecen, Hungary joined a European-wide demonstration demanding ‘safe passage’ for migrants and refugees coming to Europe.  The #SafePassageNow protests took place in 32 countries and more than 120 cities (list all events and protests). The Debrecen event was unique in Hungary as there were no other Hungarian groups listed the official website (or that W2Hu could find on Facebook).  However, there were #SafePassageNow events and protests in the Hungarian neighbourhood — such as four cities of Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Austria, Romania and Slovenia.…

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Hungarian Roma Serial Murders, the 2016 commemoration in Budapest

DSCF1472.w2-1000On 23 February was the 7th year anniversary of the serial assassinations of Hungarian Roma families by extreme right Hungarian terrorists that took place between 2008 and 2009. A small gathering of Hungarians and others took place in front of the Budapest St Steven’s Basilica to remember the dead. Today the murderers are serving life sentences in Hungarian prisons.

It is important to also remember the wider context of these killings. These murders were also a factor of why Hungarian Roma went to Canada to request asylum there – and many received refugee status as a result.

Also, between 2000 and 2007 ten German Turks were also assassinated by German Nazis and more recently refugee hostels, camps, and other social centers have been violently attacked by people with similar politics.…

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